Sales Force Automation and Field Services

A mobile sales and field service solution where there are needs to increase efficiency, reduce paperwork, provide better customer service, which in turn, increases customer satisfaction.

It is best deployed in an environment where there are needs for salesman to perform sales order, track collection / payment received, carry out market survey activities or field representative who do not necessarily have to sell but it is more of a customer relationship management (CRM) process.

You can do all the above by using a handheld and not be bound to the office. This provides flexibility for the sales force or field service representative that in turns increases productivity, efficiency and sales.

This will ensure faster turnaround time where timely decisions are made to ensure customer satisfaction. The field representatives will look more professional and confident as information is made available "at their fingertips".

A streamlined process via the implementation of this solution allows the field representative to focus more time on engaging, selling, increase market penetration and build stronger customer relationships.

The major benefits are:

  • Streamlines field process
  • Provides better visibility of market penetration and field activities
  • Improves customer relationship by enabling consistent personalized interaction across all customer touch points
  • Improves customer loyalty through superior services
  • Faster turnaround time.
  • Reduces paper work and minimizes data entry error
  • Real-time information for effective decision making
  • Better understanding of market needs, trends, and coverage
  • Improves visibility of distributors’ operations
  • Efficient field force with available tools and information at theirfingertips