Mobile Bundles with Proof of Delivery (POD) Solutions

Mobile Bundles with POD solution
By RES Malaysia

Get your POD solution with bundled 5G smartphones

Track your deliveries and increase customer satisfaction by implementing our quick-to-deploy Proof of Delivery (POD) solutions. Now available with a bundled FREE* 5G smartphone running on the brand new Maxis 5G network. Our exclusive mobile bundle package is designed to transform your business operations at the lowest cost to your business.  

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Why choose us?

Our affordable packages are carefully curated to help businesses like yours thrive in the digital age. With cutting-edge POD solutions, you can ensure timely and secure deliveries, track orders effortlessly, and streamline your operations for maximum efficiency. Our POD system goes beyond the traditional tracking-it is a game changer for enterprises that depend on delivery.

*subject to terms and conditions.

5G Network Better Bandwidth

5G enables real-time data transfer, ensuring immediate delivery updates and tracking information and up to 3000 GBs mobile data per month.

Enhanced Productivity Tools

Provide extra productivity data to ensures that essential apps and tools for business operations run smoothly, helping to boost overall productivity.

Lower Latency

Faster response time for business critical applications with less loading and waiting.

Automate Data Capture

Capture data within apps by scanning barcodes, taking photos, scanning NFC tags, recording audio and capturing geolocation coordinates.

Create Standardized Workflows

Automate approvals, boost user productivity, and improve operations. Gain real-time visibility on process bottlenecks.

Digitize Forms and Surveys

Create UX-rich electronic forms and surveys quickly to gather information with various choices and get digital signatures.

End-to-End Management

Simplify device and endpoint security and management throughout their lifecycle.

Efficient App Development

SOTI Snap allows quick, code-free app creation for proof of delivery, while SOTI MobiControl ensures their secure deployment.

Streamlined Operations

To enhances security, compliance, and efficiency in proof of delivery operations.

5G Samsung Galaxy A Series

Pre-configure POD solution, 120 GB of mobile data per month

Packages 1

MYR 128                                              /unit/month
  • *FREE 5G Samsung Galaxy A Series
  • SOTI Proof of Delivery Solution
  • Optimize data delivery 10X or more
  • MOQ 25 units with 2-years commitment
  • Valid until 31st Dec 2023
  • *Subject to T&C

5G Honor Smartphone Series

Pre-configure POD solution, 150 GB of mobile data per month

Packages 2

MYR 158                                              /unit/month
  • *FREE 5G Honor Smartphone Series
  • SOTI Proof of Delivery Solution
  • Optimize data delivery 10X or more
  • MOQ 25 units with 2-years commitment
  • Valid until 31st Dec 2023
  • *Subject to T&C

Frequently Asked Questions

SOTI MobiControl makes Endpoint Mobility Management (EMM) easier than ever before. It empowers companies to securely manage any device or endpoint with any form factor and any operating system (OS) throughout their entire lifecycle.

SOTI Snap enables organizations to rapidly build mobile apps to replace paper-based processes band digitize data collection and approval processes to make them fast and efficient.

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