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Implement SmartInventory for easy and efficient management of stocks in your outlet, store or warehouse

Promotional package bundle now includes the best-selling
Zebra MC2200 Mobile Computer!

Whether workers are picking, packing or shipping orders in your warehouse, replenishing inventory on the manufacturing line or taking inventory in the backroom of your store, with the MC2200 they are productive every minute of every shift. The MC2200 incorporates Zebra’s leading barcode scanning technology in an IP65 rugged device that survives multiple 1.5m drops for uninterrupted operations.

SmartInventory is a scalable software solution that intelligently allows you to better manage your stocks by scanning your stock items and capturing data on-the-move. Operating without a structured and efficient inventory management strategy and system will give rise to issues such as:


Having too much stock causes problem with your cashflow as your resources are tied up in slow-moving stocks. Identifying the optimal stock level is crucial to maximising your resources. ​


Having insufficient goods to meet customer demands will lead to lower customer satisfaction and drive them to your competitors

Poor inventory visibility

Lack of a clear and real-time view of your inventory levels often leads to lost or expired stocks and results in unnecessary last-minute reordering and stock write-offs. Without visibility, businesses are also unable to enforce FIFO rules during picking and packing

Inefficient stock-taking

Tedious and time-consuming manual stock-taking exercises costs time and resources yet is often the only way businesses are able to obtain accurate inventory information. It is estimated that it costs more many businesses more than 4 work-days a month just to perform stock-taking tasks.

Congested warehouses

Poor inventory planning also results in more storage space in your warehouse being used up to store slow-moving stocks. A congested warehouse slows down the picking and packing process as well as costs you more in rental and insurance costs.


Fraud and theft may occur if management does not adequately track inventory movement. Often, missing stock can only be uncovered during periodic stock-takes and identifying the persons at fault is near-impossible.

How Does Inventory Management Work?

Explore our Inventory Management Solution which comes in two applications:

Mobile Application

Allows you to better manage stocks by scanning items
using a mobile device.

Web Application

Allows you to use the user-friendly report function to track and consolidate the count of all items in a downloadable file.

SmartInventory Promo

MYR 59,950
  • Cloud Based SmartInventory - Standard Edition
  • Back-end system & mobile apps
  • 2 unit of Zebra mobile devices, MC22
  • 1 unit of Zebra industrial barcode printer , ZT411
  • 1 year software & hardware support
  • One-time set up, training & installation (Klang valley, Penang & JB)

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