Inventory Management System
Warehouse Management System

SmartInventory is an inventory management system that allows companies to maintain a centralised record of every item in the control of the organization. SmartInventory provides a single source of truth for the location of every product, supplier information, specifications and total number of a particular item currently in stock.  It is an affordable and convenient solution for enterprises that may not need a complex and full-featured inventory or warehouse management system (WMS). Alternatively, SmartInventory can be deployed in smaller warehouses or branches to complement an existing WMS system deployed in the main warehouse. 


  • Label printing
  • Receiving of goods
  • Put away goods
  • Picking goods
  • QA check

Benefits of SmartInventory

  • Elimination of paperwork
  • Improved cash flow
  • Better reporting and forecasting capabilities
  • Reduction in storage costs
  • Reduced time and operational costs

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