Asset Labeling & Tracking
Asset Labeling & Tracking

SmartAsset is a complete web-based Asset Management System developed by RES Malaysia. With over years of automated data capture expertise, we are dedicated to ensure that SmartAsset supports any automated data capture tools such as handheld mobile computers, mobile printers, barcode scanners and next-generation RFID readers. By integrating our asset management system into your business, you can start tracking your fixed and moveable assets across facilities and regions for better precision of traceability.

Asset Tracking can be difficult, especially when you do not know where your assets are located. More often than not, asset audits become very time consuming  and the accuracy is often questionable. The time and effort spent could be better utilized in other more productive areas. In the past, companies typically feel that too much time and effort is being spent to ensure accurate assets reporting.

Features of SmartAsset Management System

SmartAsset Features

  • Asset Label Printing
  • Asset Registration
  • Data Capture
  • Master Maintenance
Benefits of SmartAsset Management System

Benefits of SmartAsset

  • Increased accuracy of reporting
  • Easy and accurate identification of assets
  • Enhance visibility of assets
  • Saves time and operational costs
  • Provides security control

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