Technology Services
By RES Malaysia
Technology Services
By RES Malaysia

On-Site Assessment & Consulting

We understand that choosing the right solution and technology for your business is often a complex and confusing undertaking. To ease the process, we offer our customers on-site problem assessments and solutions consulting services. We will deploy our consultants who will advise the right mix of hardware, software and services to maximise your business efficiency at an efficient return on investment.

Ready-to-deploy Software

Our range of ready-to-deploy solutions include: Inventory Management, Sales Force Automation, Asset Tracking, Proof of Delivery, Retail Point-of-Sales and Manufacturing Track and Trace. Our modular architecture reduces the lead time to deployment and minimises ground-up development costs.

Hardware Maintenance & On-Site Support

Here at RES we recognise that even the most reliable equipment occasionally breaks down. We provide preventive maintenance services to minimise downtime and in the event failure occurs, if it is not feasible or efficient for faulty equipment to be sent away for repairs, we offer hardware maintenance and repair services at your workplace quickly and conveniently. For guaranteed response times, we offer annual contracts with Service Level Agreements as well as optional spare part reservations. Ad-hoc visits can also be arranged.

Online & Phone Helpdesk

To ensure that our customers achieve maximum productive use of our solutions, we operate a helpdesk with dedicated and trained support personnel who have full access to all our software, hardware and network expertise and resources. The support team is accessible via email, phone and web-chat. All calls are logged in our trouble-ticket system and tracked until final resolution.