Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System

Honeywell Logistics Solution is a WMS that has been deployed for hundreds of customers across 20 countries in more than 2000 logistic centres with its software products, managing more than 18 million square meters of warehouses. 

Honeywell Logistics Solution Features

  • Integrated with intelligent logistics equipment in the warehouse
  • Wave strategy, picking strategy, and picking route optimization
  • Visual management by Kanban, graphic display tools, etc
  • Detailed business rules

Benefits of Honeywell Logistics Solution

  • High applicability with industry characteristics integrated into itself as a product
  • High configurability, less secondary development
  • Highly scalable and applicable with plentiful custom functions
  • Built for multi-industries

Honeywell Logistics Solution has a large number of valued customers in various industries, including many well-known brands like EMS, Bestseller, Samsonite, Family Mart, P&G, DHL, etc.

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